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Students resume protests, boycotting of lessons

As the holidays have come to an end, students have returned to the streets to continue protesting this morning.

They have not accepted any resolution of conflict proffered by Prime Minister, Edi Rama, as the vote, they say, must be held in Parliament and contingent upon the decision of the Council of Ministers.

In today’s protest, they have invited all citizens who want to raise the voice for their rights.

The students have come up with their own University Pact, created alongside the government and approved by Edi Rama.

They have sent the documents known as “Pact for University” to the Parliament, Prime Minister Rama, the Ministry of Education and to Public Universities.

Concerning the first request on fees, where the government proposes their own scaled-payment plan for the Bachelor program, students demand that this scaling-scheme be applied also for the Master’s program.

They seek a long-term plan from the government, aimed at increasing the budget.

Addressing the “Governmental Pact for University”, students call it a façade as they released a warning for the Prime Minister:

“This is the last call from students. Today, Edi Rama will see our true face because so far he has mocked us all along the way. Enough with all these tentative pedagogues and rectors he has put in place! He cannot ‘buy’ us!

“The Police arrived on scene in the morning and prevented us from calling other students for a boycott.

“Students have felt pressured by university deans and political party members, mostly from FRESSH, but it will not succeed. Although our cause can be political, it is not with any political party,” exclaimed a student.

The protests will not have a deadline and students claim it will end at a time when they reach an acceptable solution, but they have not ruled out any possibility for escalation.

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